Mobile Application Development

Mobile platform is the gold rush of this technology age, for obvious reasons; users find it effortless, accessible, portable, and flexible.

New mobile devices like smart phones, PDAs and tablet computers empower users to accomplish basic computing and internet tasks right out of their pockets. Today users can carry their offices in their pockets; documents, e-mails, notes, schedules, images, weather forecasts, news broadcasts, e-books, audios, videos, and social media friends.

They can book flights and shop on their mobile devices. Our way of life has progressed beyond conference calls, group SMS, and MMS. The standard has risen and the demand for these services make up a larger chunk of the technology market; a thirst that is yet to be quenched, to say the least.

The need for these mobile applications is high and would continue to rise for years to come. Every corporation wants to have the mobile version of her own business because there is really no alternative.

Mobile application is a kind of mobileware (mobile platform software) that is built for a specific mobile OS meant to perform a specific task according to its development. There are quite a few mobile OS, but the common ones include Android OS by Google, iOS by Apple, Blackberry OS by RIM, Windows 7 OS by Microsoft.

With Mobile technology gaining prominence over desktop in the market place, organizations are gearing towards making mobile strategy key in their overall business strategy.

The future offers end-to-end mobile application development services – from Concept Development to actual Application Development to Marketing and Promotion. Our Concept Development process involves research and analysis on the scope of the application, its USP, its target audience and mileage it will offer the client’s brand.

We offer mobile applications that help organisations to communicate with their customers through custom mobile devices. We design and build mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy quick data processing. We have capacity to design mobile applications for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android phones.

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